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Of Course Avatar 2's CGI Backlash Was Wrong – It's A James Cameron Movie
Based on director James Cameron’s career and on the general quality of movie trailers, viewers do not need to worry about Avatar 2’s visual effects.

Of Course Avatar 2's CGI Backlash Was Wrong – It's A James Cameron Movie

Visual effects artists proved the backlash against Avatar: The Way of Water’s CGI wrong, which already should have been clear given director James Cameron’s background. When Avatar premiered in 2009, it marked a major step forward in CGI technology, allowing viewers to see the world of Pandora for the first time. With over 10 years to develop new technology, Avatar 2 aims to feature even better visual effects. However, after seeing the first Avatar: The Way of Water trailer, many viewers criticized that the CGI did not look different from the original Avatar movie.

In response, three VFX artists created a video analyzing the CGI in the Avatar: The Way of Water trailer. They explained that although Avatar 2 had to maintain the aesthetic of the first movie, all of the effects were updated. In particular, the VFX artists examined a close-up shot of a Na’vi tightening a leather strap near the water. While viewers have claimed that this shot must have been filmed using practical effects, meaning with real water, the VFX artists explained that almost the entire shot was created with CGI. This included everything from the water to the actor’s blue skin and leather straps.

This video demonstrates that the CGI effects in the Avatar: The Way of Water trailer are so advanced that they were mistaken for practical effects. While it is good to have this proof, viewers never needed to worry due to Avatar 2’s director, James Cameron. Having also directed the first Avatar film, it seems likely that Cameron will only improve the visual effects of Avatar 2. Evidence for this includes Cameron’s career and CGI quality in movie trailers in general.

As a director, Cameron has always pushed technology and found inventive ways to make epic and science fiction films look real. This includes blockbusters like The Terminator, Aliens, and Titanic. Specific to his CGI achievements, the effects in Terminator 2: Judgement Day still hold up over 30 years later. In addition, although technology has advanced since its release, Avatar remains a visually stunning movie with successful use of 3D technology. Combining Cameron’s history with Avatar 2’s main VFX company, Wētā FX, creating multiple new water simulation patents, Avatar: The Way of the Water should have impressive CGI.

Additionally, viewers should not be concerned about the CGI because Avatar 2‘s trailer VFX were probably not accurate to the final film. When creating movies, visual effects are often one of the last elements completed. Due to this, early trailers tend to have lower-quality CGI than the movies they advertise. Since Avatar 2 will not release until December 16, 2022, it is possible that the CGI in the trailer will be improved before the movie premieres. Despite the backlash, Avatar: The Way of Water promises to be a visually striking film with James Cameron’s direction and new CGI technology.

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