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Thunderbolts: US Agent Actor MCU Return Hinges On A Call From Marvel
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier's US Agent actor Wyatt Russell does not know if he's returning for Thunderbolts, saying Marvel hasn't called him.

Thunderbolts: US Agent Actor MCU Return Hinges On A Call From Marvel

US Agent is not yet confirmed to appear in Marvel Studios’ new Thunderbolts movie, as Wyatt Russell is still waiting for Marvel to call him. It was not long ago that audiences were introduced to Wyatt Russell’s John Walker in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. He originally took over the Captain America mantle after Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) declined. This turned him into an antagonist for the show’s heroes, especially as he killed people and acted in a manner that disrespected Steve Rogers’ legacy. By the time The Falcon and The Winter Soldier ended, John was given another shot to be a hero, known as US Agent.

The US Agent reveal in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier left him linked to Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine (Julie Louis-Dreyfus) and the anti-hero/villain team she was assembling. Her recruitment of Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) in Black Widow further set up this storyline, but it was not until recently that Marvel’s plans became clear. Director Jake Schreier and Black Widow writer Eric Pearson were hired to develop a Thunderbolts movie. It was reported at the time that no cast members were officially linked but that several familiar faces will be involved.

Russell has now addressed the speculation that he’s returning as US Agent in Thunderbolts. The actor recently spoke to The Playlist as he promotes his new show Under the Banner of Heaven, and the conversation eventually included his Marvel future. While Russell generally knows where US Agent’s story could go, he says he has not heard definitely what Marvel’s plans for him are. This includes any chance of him appearing in Thunderbolts, as the actor has not yet received a call from Marvel Studios telling him to get back in US Agent shape and when he’ll be filming.

No, I’m just waiting on it. You wait on it until, like, they announce it. They keep it really, really tight, and it’s like, you respect that because they’ve got other bottom lines to look out for than what they think I need to know.

The Thunderbolts movie team might not officially include US Agent at this point, but he is one of the MCU characters expected to ultimately appear. The original report of the movie’s development mentioned John Walker along with Baron Zemo, Yelena Belova, Ghost, Taskmaster, Abomination, and Winter Soldier as potential characters that will be involved. The Thunderbolts announcement also included information that filming could begin in summer 2023. If that is the case and US Agent is going to appear, it likely will not be too long before Russell gets a call from Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios with the official news.

Assuming US Agent returns in Thunderbolts, it will be fascinating to see how the MCU progresses his story. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier‘s ending attempted to redeem John Walker, but the execution of that idea did not land for everyone. While someone like Yelena Belova is already beloved as an anti-hero, the Thunderbolts movie will need to do some more work to get US Agent to that point.

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