Microsoft’s rumored Surface Buds may be a thing for Apple haters to put in their ears

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According to a report on Thurrott dot com, based on multiple unverified sources, it seems that Microsoft is working on a direct competitive product to Apple’s AirPods. This following the existence of Samsung Galaxy Buds and Amazon’s plans for its own Alexa branded earbuds.

Last year Microsoft dropped its Surface Headphones onto consumer’s ears, to directly compete with Bose, Sony and to a lesser extent, Apple’s Beats. Beats are, of course, the best branded, but worst (IMO) luxury headphones on the market. That hasn’t stopped Apple from continuing the branding with its Powerbeats product. Regardless, in order to really compete with AirPods, the Surface Buds better do a lot more than just play sounds via a Bluetooth connection.

AirPods do a lot more than just play sounds, even if they are more of a status symbol than anything else. Microsoft doesn’t have that kind of pull, so the greatest marketing opportunity for its own earbud product will have to be selling to people who absolutely abhor the Apple ecosystem, using Surface devices rather than iPads and lament the loss of Microsoft Windows phones.

Microsoft has had mixed success when it comes to messing with the music industry, as we all know the fate of Zune

The headphone market, especially Bluetooth headphones, is already overflowing with options. As with all ancillary peripheral devices, every manufacturer has their own version of audio devices. Yet, this news seems to suggest that Microsoft’s Surface Buds (project strangely code-named “Morrison”) will be more than just audio devices.

They will have to be comparable to AirPods in some way, for Microsoft to be able to say “we have those too.” Instead of Siri whispering sweet nothings in your ear, it’ll be Cortana. Though how these might work with Android devices (because there will be no incentive for Apple users to even consider buying them) is yet to be determined. Price is also up in the air, as is release date and confirmation of existence.

Basically, like Mr. Jon Snow, we really know nothing except a rumor on a rumor stacked on top of a possibility. We’ll let you know if we hear more on this (pun intended) news. Microsoft is not a small shop and is sure to craft some sort of major announcement around releasing branded Surface ear devices.

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