This hunk of plastic turns your Apple Watch into a sweet alarm clock

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Ever wished the charging dock you have for your Apple Watch did something other than charge it? Well, this $49.99 dock from NightWatch turns your Apple Watch into a kitschy snow-globe-like, magnified alarm clock, so you can actually see the time when you wake up from your slumber.

That’s not all the NightWatch does though, as it also charges your Apple Watch, works as an acoustic amplifier, and has a tap-to-wake feature so you can see the time easily.

You will need your existing Apple Watch charger though, as the NightWatch is designed to work with Apple’s accessory, not replace it.

To be clear, the NightWatch is a polished hunk of lucite, making it a huge magnifying glass for your Apple Watch screen, while “integrated sound channels” make your Apple Watch speakers sound louder than normal. Still, it’s a pretty nice looking accessory, and wouldn’t look out of place on anyone’s nightstand.

Yes, we know you’ll miss out on sleep tracking data if you keep your Apple Watch charging all night, but when else are you going to charge it? You still can’t get a full day of wearing out of the battery, and ain’t nobody got time to sit and wait for it to charge during the day.

You can buy one from the NightWatch website, or we’ve been told it will be on Amazon next week, with shipping coming later this month.

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