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Worldwide Android Smartphones and Tablets 06

    Samsung Announce Galaxy Core Lite with LTE4G LTE is finally taking off in Asia and Samsung is getting in on the game with an affordable opti…

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Sony reveals Premium Wireless Charger and Co

    Theres a certain satisfaction to be experienced when owning one of the latest Android flagships, especially when the device is as stylish as…

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Aries, Leo and Pegasus Are Rumored to be Cod

    Sony has been known for releasing a pair of flagship devices for a long time now and for 2014, weve already seen the Xperia Z2 launch so itd…

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Sony's 2014 Mobile Strategy Plan Detail

    This past week, Sony held its annual Corporate Strategy Meeting for Fiscal Year 2014, and both revealed its sales figures for 2013 and laid …

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Unannounced Sony Device With Model Number D6

    A new Sony phone model number has popped up on a list at the Indonesian postel regulatory site. The device in question comes bearing the mod…

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Sony Announces Two New Marvel Movies for 202

    Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters is just getting started. The Sony-owned franchisewhich now officially happens to be connected to t…

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God of War Has Sold Nearly 20 Million Copies

    PlayStation and developer Santa Monica Studio announced this week that the critically-acclaimed PlayStation 4 title God of War would finally…

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Uncharted Movie First Trailer Officially Rev

    The first-ever Uncharted trailer from PlayStation Pictures, Sony Pictures, and Columbia Pictures has been officially revealed after some foo…

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PS5 Gets Second Mysterious Update in a Row

    Sony released a new PS5 update this morning, and like the console's previous update on October 7, nobody knows what this update does, a…

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Sly Cooper 5 Development Is Rumored to Still

    In recent months, new rumorshave started to emerge suggesting that PlayStation is currently gearing up to create a new installment in the lo…

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