10 PlayStation 4 Games That Will Benefit Greatly From The Increased Frame Rate On PS5

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Microsoft distinguished themselves from the competition this generation with extensive backwards compatibility, a feature which carries on to the Xbox Series X and S. Not to be outdone by their main rival, Sony's PlayStation 5 includes the ability to play almost every PlayStation 4 game.

Not only that, but most games run with significant improvements, even without the help of a patch. The ten games below had choppy uncapped frame rates which prevented them from reaching their full potential on the older hardware. Running them on the PlayStation 5 shows them off smoother than ever, letting players appreciate the gameplay and story more without choppy frame rates distracting from the experience.

10 Until Dawn

Supermassive's PlayStation 4 exclusive, Until Dawn, barely hits thirty frames per second at its smoothest, taking one out of what is supposed to be a cinematic horror adventure. On the PlayStation 5 it is almost a locked sixty frames per second, helping one enjoy the famous actors' performances without any stuttering. PlayStation Plus subscribers can play this from day one as a part of the PlayStation Plus Collection, along with over a dozen other titles.

9 The Evil Within 2

Both Evil Within titles suffer from performance issues, an especially strange thing for the first game considering it also came out on PS3. The sequel's janky frame rate is more noticeable because of how good it is. The open nature of the maps makes one feel like danger and death lurks around every corner, and could even come up from behind. On the PS5, these explorable environments will do not bog down the frame rate.

8 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

FromSoftware's games rely so heavily on reflexes and split-moment decision making, which makes their games rarely running at a smooth frame rate so unfortunate. On the PlayStation 4 Sekiro floats at anywhere between forty and sixty frames during combat.

With the extra processing power afforded by the PS5, the game maintains a steady sixty, only dropping a frame or two here or there, never enough to negatively affect gameplay.

7 Days Gone

Unlike most of the games on this list, Days Gone already has a patch which will help the game shine brighter than ever on the new console. The game's performance was less than stellar on the old hardware, so the update will let one focus more on the game without any jank distracting performance. Developers were generous enough to make this upgrade free; if this were a PS3 game coming to PS4, it no doubt would have cost money.

6 Just Cause 4

The Just Cause games are all about causing as much destruction as possible. Players destroy small areas on the map while contending with enemy forces. As awesome as this is, such a game no doubt destroys the frame rate when too much action occurs on screen. Fortunately, the PS5 keeps the frame rate steady even as explosions fill up the screen. No word on if the long load times see improvement, but if they do not the developer should definitely patch it.

5 Killzone: Shadowfall

This launch title for the PlayStation 4 was a beautiful showcase for the console upon release. Even popping it in today reveals a seven year old first-person shooter that holds up just fine against most other games on the system. While a steady thirty frames per second is enough, the PlayStation 5 bumps this up to sixty. Such changes are instantly noticeable in an FPS, where the player sees everything through the protagonist's eyes.

4 Dark Souls 3

The second FromSoftware game to see such a dramatic boost in performance, Dark Souls 3 runs at a solid thirty on the PS4, but a patch for the pro unlocks the frame rate, making for an unsteady gameplay experience.

Fortunately, the frame rate maintains a steady sixty on the new hardware. Sadly, another FromSoftware classic, Bloodborne, does not have a similar patch, and only reaches thirty frames per second at its absolute smoothest.

3 Crysis Remastered

Crytek's first-person shooter is legendary for how graphically intense it was for its time. Now, a new edition made its way to the PS4 and Xbox. The game does not run smoothly on the PS4, a surprising thing considering its age. While not everything is perfect about the presentation on the PlayStation 5, it does manage to keep the frame rate mostly consistent even as the action ramps up.

2 Hitman

At first glance the recent Hitman games do not look particularly beautiful, but that is not what is so impressive about these games. Each level is a mini sandbox where the player completes the mission in a variety of ways. This level design, which includes numerous NPCs all interacting with each other, causes the unlocked frame rate to generally float in the forties and thirties. Playing them on the PS5 bumps this up to a full sixty, letting Agent 47 kill people as smoothly as possible.

1 Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is one of the best looking games of the generation, though the presentation takes a significant hit when in action. The unreliable frame rate prevents the gorgeous open-world environment from living up to its potential. On the PlayStation 5, the game runs at a solid sixty when exploring the world. Even though the game is four years old, it looks just as good today. There is plenty of time to play through it once more before Final Fantasy XVI comes out.

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