Why Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is the most half-assed sequel I’ve ever played

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I recently finished the Force Unleased II. While I wasn't a huge fan of the original game, I still appreciated that it was a fairly solid action game which mostly nailed the feeling of being a Midichlorian-powered murderer. So I came into the sequel fully expecting an improvement on what I'd always considered to be a 7/10 title.

TFUII is actually fairly solid. Mechanically, most of the game works well and dicking around with your Force Powers is fairly fun. I reckon there’s a genuinelygood game waiting to break out of this franchise. It’s just a pity it's being buried under some of the worst game design I’ve seen in recent years. To be blunt,I think Starkiller’s latest title sucks Sith scrotum. Here’s my take on why it’s one of the most horribly repetitive, lazy sequels I’ve ever played.

Note: I'm aware that my opinion differs from that of ourForce Unleashed II Super Review. I didn't write the review. Even in the happy house of GamesRadar we don't agree on everything all the time. Different opinions are good. And this is just the solitary one of a usuallyStar Wars-loving Scotsman.

Above: Murdering the armour off Stormtroopers is satisfying... for a while

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