Sea of Thieves: Where to find the Red Speckled Chicken

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Some of the biggest questions facing Sea of Thieves after its popular beta tests were how the game would be able to keep players engaged over the countless hours after it officially launched. With the game now on store shelves, players are finding a lot more to do outside of just being a pirate on the open seas. In addition to more customization options and different quest types that players can undertake, the full game also features more factions to work with. One of the factions called the Marchant Alliance is a non-combat oriented trading company that tasks players with delivering goods and animals from one place to another in a timely manner.

While undertaking animal delivery quests for the Merchant Alliance, players will no doubt come across rare and unique animals as well. As a large, open world style game, players shouldn't be too surprised to learn that Rare has stuffed Sea of Thieves with plenty of secrets and surprises to uncover. One such animal is the Red Speckled Chicken, a creature that is highly sought after by the NPCs of this world who offer a bounty of rewards for turning one in.

Keep in mind though that Sea of Thieves isn't going to make this animal easy to find as the game does tend to randomize spawn locations, so patience and perseverance are key in this situation. With that said, certain locations have better chances than others however so here are the best spots to potentially find the Red Speckled Chicken.

High Red Speckled Chicken Spawn Locations

Chickens are a pretty in-demand animal regardless and thankfully they're typically found on the outer edges of a location and can be seen from a ship as they run around the beach areas. It should make spotting the more unique versions a little bit easier than other animals like snakes and pigs.

The first place any pirate worth their salt should look is, of course, Chicken Isle. As the name implies, this island is a great location to find regular chicken anyway and as such, it as a higher chance to spawn the rare Red Speckled variants as well.

Players should also visit Old Faithful Isle, another popular location that seems to be causing all sorts of headaches for treasure hunters at the moment. When not trying to solve a riddle, Old Faithful Isle is a great place to find all kinds of different animals as well as a higher than normal average of different species.

Players will also need to make sure that they come equipped with a cage in order to capture the animal. Visit the Merchant NPC from the Merchant Alliance at an Outpost to get started. Again, this isn't a foolproof method as Sea of Thieves features a random AI spawning mechanic but these islands have seen better results than others.

Sea of Thieves is available now on PC and Xbox One.

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