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Nintendo Switch OLED stock has only just landed in stores, but it's already proving hard to find. Where is it still available, and will you be able to get one over the weekend? We've got all the details here.

USA: Nintendo Switch OLED | Amazon (OUT OF STOCK)USA: Nintendo Switch OLED | Walmart (OUT OF STOCK)USA: Nintendo Switch OLED | Best Buy (OUT OF STOCK)UK: Nintendo Switch OLED (White) | £309.99 at Amazon UKUK: Nintendo Switch OLED (Neon Blue/Red) | £309.99 at Amazon UKUK: Nintendo Switch OLED (Neon Blue/Red) | £309.99 at ArgosUK: Nintendo Switch OLED | Bundles available at Game

If you're based in the USA, we're afraid you may be destined for disappointment, at least in the short term: Nintendo Switch OLED stock seems to have vanished from Amazon and was snapped up instantly at Best Buy, and Walmart. Even the more expensive Best Buy bundles with games and accessories are gone, and the only Switch we've been able to find is the older, non-OLED Animal Crossing version. That may change, of course, so we'd recommend bookmarking those stores and checking in every now and then in case the console comes back. It will make a reappearance at some point soon, so keeping an eye on those retailers will give you the best possible chance of securing the system.

The UK is a different matter, luckily. The console seems readily available from Argos in Neon Blue/Red, and you can grab bundles from Game as well if you move fast.

Although it's not back in stock from Amazon UK until October 13, the White version of the console is also available to backorder right now. Meanwhile, the Neon Blue/Red edition can also be purchased now ahead of it coming back into stock this October 12.

As we mentioned in our Nintendo Switch OLED review, the console is worth a look if you don't already have a Switch or fancy upgrading from the handheld-only Switch Lite. Even though it's lacking in new features that make it a worthy recommendation if you've got a standard Switch, it's a step up from the Lite thanks to that gorgeous OLED screen and its ability to be played on your TV in big-screen mode.

Nintendo Switch OLED stock deals

Nintendo Switch OLED (Neon Blue/Red) | £309.99 at Argos
Unlike so many other retailers, Argos seems to have Switch OLED stock - for the Neon Blue and Red version, at least. We don't expect that to last, so move quickly if you want to take advantage of the offer.
View Deal

Nintendo Switch OLED (White) | £309.99 at Amazon UK
In stock 13 October
Due to a larger 7-inch screen that offers more intense, vivid colours and greater contrast, the Switch OLED is a handsome console that'll look great when played in handheld mode. Although it's on backorder right now, you can still buy it and guarantee your copy now.
View Deal

Nintendo Switch OLED (Neon Blue/Red) | £309.99 at Amazon UK
In stock 12 October
While it looks like the original Switch at first glance, this model still gets you all the benefits of the OLED model - a larger screen with superior colour and contrast, an ethernet port built into the dock, and a much better kickstand.
View Deal

Want to level up your Switch OLED experience? Be sure to pick up the best Nintendo Switch headset to go with the best Nintendo Switch accessories. We'd always recommend browsing the best Nintendo Switch games too.

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