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After having been cancelled and removed from the PlayStation Store entirely, it's now possible to re-download Silent Hills' fiendishly frightening P.T.

Several months ago, the highly anticipated Silent Hills got cancelled with a "scorched earth approach" as described by the game's co-director Guillermo del Toro, and he wasn't joking, for Konami went on to make sure that gamers could not download its P.T. demo ever again. However, thanks to a heads up from one intrepid fan over on the Gamexeon forums known as “orangelupa”, it is now possible for folks to once again have the Silent Hills playable teaser on their PlayStation 4 consoles.

Although the news is indeed exciting, it's important to note that in order to re-download P.T., fans will be using unofficial means and third-party software to do so, meaning that those who follow through with it will be putting their data and PlayStation Network account at risk for corruption, or worse, being banned outright. With that out of the way, gamers can follow along with the instructions in the video below in order to have P.T. once more.


Unfortunately, even though P.T. can be obtained again using the process in the clip, only fans who owned the demo prior to its removal will have the opportunity to re-download it. Basically, in order for the method to work, players' PSN accounts had to have been authorized before Konami's decision to have it removed from the network altogether.

At any rate, those who either can't acquire P.T. or choose to not chance having their PSN account blocked by Sony for attempting to download it can at least take comfort in the knowledge that UK developer Lilith Ltd is releasing a spiritual successor to P.T. with Alison Road. Nevertheless, the fact that some fans will not be able to experience the chilling and visceral magic of the original P.T. due to Konami's and Hideo Kojima's failed relationship is indeed a shame.

Speaking of which, there's still the possibility that gamers might at least be able to play a horror-themed title envisioned by the popular director, with a new Kojima studio making a PlayStation exclusive game. After all, it's been said in the past that the leading creative minds behind Silent Hills have been willing to team up once more to put out a quality fright-fest, as Kojima and del Toro were planning a new horror game even after the tumultuous ordeal went down.

Of course, since Konami owns the rights to Silent Hill and all of its assets, we'll likely never see a proper sequel or reboot made with del Toro and Kojima attached anytime soon. Be that as it may, the Japanese game publisher can't stop them from re-imagining and retooling preexisting concepts and designs to make a unique property all its own.

Silent Hills has been discontinued, but fans can look forward to the currently untitled Hideo Kojima game coming out in the future exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Source: moreuse – YouTube (via GamesRadar, Gamexeon)

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