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Yesterday, Santa Monica Studio shared the news that 2018's God of War would be receiving a patch to enhance the game on the PlayStation 5. Without missing a beat, the PS5 patch for God of War has been made available today so players can slash, smash, and bash their way through Midgard as Kratos in 60 FPS and at 4K resolutions.

Santa Monica Studio announced the news on Twitter and its official Website, detailing the changes players should expect in the update scheduled today. The PlayStation 5 update for God of War is allowing the game to sync to 60 FPS, which will provide players a smooth gameplay experience as they crush countless enemies. The update is also bringing a 4K checkboard patch, which will allow the game to upscale on 4K-supported devices.

Players will also have the option to forgo the 60 FPS setting by selecting the "Original Performance Experience" mode. This will allow players to experience God of War in the original 30 FPS while also offering 4K checkerboard support. With the update, Santa Monica Studio is giving players the chance to play God of War with the best performance and resolution settings available, as opposed to having players choose between the two options like they had to on the PlayStation 4 Pro.

The God of War (2018) Enhanced Performance Experience for the #PS5 is out now!

PS5 users can download the free update for a new video graphics mode that syncs to 60 FPS with 4K Checkerboard Resolution on your 4K display device!

— Santa Monica Studio Is Hiring (@SonySantaMonica) February 2, 2021

God of War isn't the first PlayStation exclusive to offer a PS5 performance upgrade, and it likely won't be the last as the PS5 can breathe new life into games and bring players back to exclusive titles in the PlayStation library. For example, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a launch game for the PS5, has some notable performance differences from its PS4 counterpart as the now current-gen game can reach a locked 60 FPS experience, has ray-tracing, and has totally eliminated loading screens.

The PS5 update for God of War marks the first bit of gaming-related news that fans have heard from Santa Monica Studio in a few months. The last time fans heard an announcement from the studio was back in September when it surprised everyone with the announcement of God of War Ragnarok. or whatever it is officially called. The highly anticipated sequel should mark the return of Kratos and Atreus, as the father-son duo are likely to tackle a new adventure on the PS5. The quick announcement trailer revealed the game would be releasing in 2021, although fans have yet to hear any updates regarding an official release date.

God of War is available now for PS4 and PS5.

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