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Speedrunner 'Beats' Super Mario Wo

    There are speedruns, and then there are speedruns. Even if you're not big into the "how quickly can someone beat a video game" scene, t…

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7 Great Games for New Speedrunners

    SEGA, Nintendo, Extremely OK GamesSpeedrunning gets more popular every year with new players dedicating themselves to beating their favorite…

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Deathloop is the ultimate action game for sp

    Some video games are best played as fast as possible. While games often encourage us to take our time and explore, there’s nothing like the…

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Resident Evil Village speedrun guide: The ul

    Resident Evil Village is a game carefully crafted to incentive multiple playthroughs. Recently, I even wrote about how it has the best repla…

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Valheim speedrunner defeats all bosses in un

    (Image credit: Iron Gate AB)One Valheim player has managed to slay every boss in under 90 minutes.As spotted by PC Gamer , one Valheim playe…

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Super Mario Bros Speedrunner Achieves Near P

    It seems like gamers are constantly breaking new records and completing insane new challenges. Stories are always breaking about world-first…

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Streamer Finishes Super Mario 64 Speedrun In

    Speedrunners have found many ways to show off their skills in a wide range of games, but few games are as popular in this regard as Super Ma…

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