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AMD details Zen, K12 CPU cores, confirms nex

    AMD took the lid off its Zen CPU today, and the new core is supposedly a doozy. Some of these improvements are features that already leaked,…

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Plinius Hautonga review

    We’ve become great fans of Plinius kit over recent years.Its combination of a fast, dramatic sound with excellent timing is hard to resist,…

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AMD R9 380X Review Featuring Sapphire

    An old AMD HD 7970 (dusty fan included)Let’s do the Time Warp againAt a Glance(+) Time Travel: Great price-to-performance ratio; runs quiet…

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Sapphire Radeon R9 380 4GB Review

    Old MacDonald had a card, I/O, I/O, umm…At a Glance(+) Carmen Miranda: Good 1080p performance; beefy cooling; runs quiet.(-) Hokey Pokey: A…

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Analyzing the iMac 5K Retina display: How do

    Last week, Apple announced a new 27-inch iMac that packs an impressive 5K Retina display. As we’ve already detailed, these new 5K di…

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