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Sponsored Game Review: Mistaken

    Description:Mistaken is a puzzle game for Android that is a little different from your average puzzle game and requires you to move differen…

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The Psychology Behind Addicting Games like C

    Have you ever heard of a compulsion loop? Its the concept of performing an action, receiving a reward for that action, and then being presen…

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Sponsored App Review: SMS Tracker

    Description:SMS Tracker is an Android application that does exactly what you think it does and more. When parents install the app on their c…

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The Doctor Who Says Google Glass Can Cause E

    Google Glass has been a great advance in technology and is starting to take off. Users love the way it makes their lives easier, by bringing…

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ASUS Refreshes the Transformer Pad with Fron

    Right now Computex is going on, so we typically see a lot of new products from the likes of Acer and ASUS. And they havent disappointed so f…

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Your Android phone isn’t nearly as sec

    Image: Trinity College DublinYour Android devices might not be anywhere near as secure as you think if this report from a group of universit…

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Nokia X20 review – Beautiful Mid-Range

    Nokia ducked out of the mid-range specs arms race a while ago. Instead they are pitching reliable and secure devices that come in a variety …

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What Is an MCM Client on Android and Is It S

    If you own an Android device from Samsung or mobile carriers like Sprint, chances are it has a Mobile Content Management (MCM) client. It&#…

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How to enable internet sharing via USB Ubunt

    Pretty old question but there is a simple way, thanks to an amazing toolobtain Gnirehtetinstall adb and allow USB debuggingrun ./gnirehtet r…

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How to record your screen on Chromebook

    Recording your screen was not a straightforward task on Chromebook as users had to use a third-party app. However, Google took note of that …

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