Xiaomi’s US ban is being lifted

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Xiaomi has been removed from the blacklist that previous President Donald Trump had placed them on. That’s according to Bloomberg, who saw the court documents for the removal. The change comes after Xiaomi filed a lawsuit earlier this year contesting the block.

According to the documents Bloomberg saw, details are light but the relevant part is that “The Parties have agreed upon a path forward that would resolve this litigation without the need for contested briefing.

Essentially, this means that US-based individuals and organizations can now invest in Xiaomi again, as their designation as a “Communist Chinese military company” is no longer valid.

We’ll find out what the “path forward” entails later this month, as Xiaomi and the government will be filing a joint proposal before May 20, as per Bloomberg’s reporting. The ban was to go into force in mid-March, but a US court put a halt on its going into force, saying that a full reversal is likely. That court seems to have been correct.

With the new administration rolling this one back, what does that mean for the other Chinese firms and apps that were also banned earlier this year? What about Huawei or ZTE, both of which were designated as “security threats” by the prior FCC administration?

We don’t know enough about this administration’s global policy to comment, but this clear win for Xiaomi seems to open the door for legal challenges from the other banned companies.

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