Apple iOS 15 update brings useful multitasking feature for text, images from iPads: Here's how

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Just a week ago, Apple took the wraps off iOS 15, the latest version of the company’s mobile operating system that was coming to recent as well as older devices later this year. Now that developers have access to the beta version of iOS 15, more features are slowly coming to light – such as a recently discovered multitasking feature that allows to effortlessly move content across apps.

According to MacRumors, iOS 15 has added the useful ability to drag images, selected text, files and other content across apps on an iPhone. The discovery of the support for this feature was tweeted by Federico Viticci, of MacStories, who posted a screen-recording of the feature in action. The feature that allows iPhones to drag and drop content looks familiar to the same feature found on Apple’s iPads.

While this is not exactly a new feature on iPadOS, which has allowed users to drag and drop files across multiple apps for years now, it looks like the feature is finally making its way Apple’s powerful iPhones, which should benefit from the additional feature. However, it might just be easier to copy and paste text and images, which is already possible on iOS 14. Dragging files, on the other hand, seems like it might come in handy, depending on whatever you have in mind.

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In order to use the feature right away, users will first need to make sure they are running the developer beta version of iOS 15. once the update has been completed, users can simply long-press on text after it is selected, or an image from the gallery. Long-pressing the content will make it follow your finger, which is when users swipe up with another finger to let them switch to another app, where they can release the “dragged” content.

Using cross-app drag and drop on iPhone in iOS 15. Finally

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