AT&T is finally offering a truly unlimited mobile plan – if you’re willing to cough

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AT&T announced earlier this week that it will soon offer a truly unlimited data plan. Like many other providers, the company offers “unlimited” plans now, but they all have fine print that allows the company to slow your internet down during high traffic times.

Now the company is going to offer a truly unlimited plan, but only for those users who pay a little extra.

As of right now, AT&T offers three different unlimited data plans, all with differents slowdown thresholds. The “Unlimited Starter” plan is $65 per month and can be slowed down at any time due to congestion. “Unlimited Extra” is the next plan and gives users 50GB of truly unlimited data before the company can begin slowing you down.

“Unlimited Elite” is the ultimate unlimited plan for AT&T customers. As of right now, the plan costs $85 and gives users 100GB of unlimited data before it can be throttled. This is the plan that will be receiving the upgrade to truly unlimited data.

Starting this week, AT&T will begin updating the Unlimited Elite plan for all users. Not only will subscribers to this plan now have truly unlimited data, but the company is also boosting the allotted mobile hotspot data to 40GB. This will give customers 10GB extra for all of their WiFi on-the-go needs.

AT&T said that it would begin rolling out this update to the Unlimited Elite plan this week. Some users may already have been notified, but everyone with an Unlimited Elite plan should see a text soon notifying them of the upgrade to their plan.

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