Apple is expecting a huge year and has increased iPhone 13 orders by 20%

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A new report from Bloomberg has Apple increasing its yearly iPhone order by twenty percent this year. That means 90 million new iPhone 13 models will be manufactured this year, up from the usual 75 million Apple orders every year.

The reason for the increase? Well, Bloomberg’s report points to a belief that there will be a huge demand for iPhones as more people get vaccinated and the COVID pandemic winds down. The iPhone 13 range will also be the first 5G-capable iPhone to not release under COVID-19 measures at retail, as Apple currently has its physical stores open.

While we’re still undecided on the draw of 5G, what we think we know about the upgrades in the iPhone 13 line is tantalizing. Larger batteries will be a welcome change, with Apple shrinking the batteries in recent years. The cameras are reported to be improved further, and 120Hz ProMotion displays are slated for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

It could also be the first time that Apple offers 1TB of storage on any iPhone, perfect for filling up with images from the improved cameras, which will possibly have sensor-shift stabilization on every model.

We’ll have to wait until Apple officially announces the real specifications, presumably this September as that’s the traditional month for Apple iPhone release events.

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