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Sony And AVG Team Up To Offer Xperia Devices

    There are many reasons to think about getting Sonys new Flagship device, the Sony Xperia Z3. The device was officially unveiled last month a…

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AVG Detects Malware That Can Hijack The Shut

    Top security software developers AVG have discovered a new type of malware that is currently infecting Android devices which users should be…

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AVG Details The Heaviest Battery Draining Ap

    With smartphones being so popular these days, there are no doubt a chunk of apps we regard as our favorites and use on a daily basis. Every …

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Which mobile apps drain your battery the mos

    The anti-virus company AVG Technologies has released its latest report on which Android applications are the most likely to chew through you…

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You seriously need to download AVG Antivirus

    Nothing is worse than experiencing a virus on your smartphone or tablet device. When you are subject to a virus, you end up losing access to…

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AVG Error (reinstall ubuntu)

    This is the full error message and you gave us only two lines (bold in the message below)Reading package lists... DoneBuilding dependency tr…

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High avgqu-sz & utilisation on madadm RA

    I have an AWS EC2 i3.8xlarge with 4x1.9TB ephemeral storage volumes tied in mdadm RAID-0 (Yes, RAID 0) with XFS file system mounted using no…

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Investigate to /proc/loadavg

    Review linux load average documentation (to try to solve a problem) I'm ask if a kind of state of process (zombie process?) can affect …

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