Vuze+ Is The New High-End VR Camera From Humaneyes – CES 2018

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Vuze+ is the new high-end VR camera from Humaneyes Technologies which aims to give creators an improved piece of hardware for creating 3D and virtual reality content, all with a camera that can easily be carried and held in the palm of their hands. The new Vuze+ camera comes with a “full suite” of tools and new software improvements to help enhance the capture experience and eventually the end result of the content (though some of the new software features are also available for use by owners of the original Vuze VR Camera as well), such as live broadcasting in 4K 360-degree video to Facebook Live, Periscope, and of course YouTube. What’s more is that there is also a preview feature that allows users to catch a glimpse at what the video content looks like while it’s being recorded, which should better afford the user an ability to ensure content comes out exactly as they want it.

In addition to the live broadcasting feature the Vuze+ is using new high-end custom lenses, improved audio, and improved spatial audio output. To better help those who are looking to use the camera in heavy rain or during activities where the camera may have a tendency to get wet, the Vuze+ VR Camera comes with an IP65 rating, so it’s more resistant to water and dust for less worry during use. The body of the camera is also now sturdier than before and Humaneyes says the user interface is easier to use as well.

The new Vuze+ will cost $1,199, so it won’t be a cheap solution in terms of price, but with the improved features and better build quality thanks to the subtle improvements to the design the cost is likely to be worth it to some. For those that already own the original Vuze VR camera which aren’t keen on shelling out another $1,200 for the handful of upgrades, $199 will secure the capability to use the live broadcasting feature. Humaneyes is also launching the new Humaneyes Zone which is a way for users to share and publish their VR content. There’s no listed launch date for the camera yet but it might not be too far off.

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