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The Wink smart home hub created by a startup owned by famous was recently updated with support for Sonos-made speakers. The newly introduced functionality is being distributed as an over-the-air update and should already be available to all owners of Wink’s solution and contemporary Sonos speakers. The compatibility list appears to include all of Sonos’s newer offerings which are now addable to the Wink Hub 2 via its dedicated mobile app available for download from the Google Play Store free of charge.

The Wink Hub 2 is advertised as a versatile consumer-facing solution designed to facilitate the process of creating a smart home setup without significant investments or complicated installations. The platform consists of a physical hub and a companion app used for controlling it and other devices connected to the service. Wink claims its offering is the first product of its kind designed for a “mainstream” audience, both in terms of its intuitiveness and the fact that the physical product boasts a minimalist aesthetic suitable for blending into all kinds of environments. once plugged and connected to the Internet, the Wink Hub 2’s automated nature will allow it to discover compatible devices on its own, making the process of connecting them as straightforward as possible. With Sonos’s product portfolio now being added to the platform’s support library, linking the two together should be as simple as making sure your Sonos speakers are turned on, launching the Wink Hub 2’s Android app, and letting its “Auto-Discovery” feature do the rest.

Sonos entered the Internet of Things segment with its audio equipment several years back, with Wink being one of the last somewhat popular smart home platforms that didn’t support its products until now. It’s currently unclear whether Wink is working on some follow-ups to its hardware products that it intends to launch in 2018 but the company may share more details on the matter several weeks from now at the latest iteration of the Consumer Electronics Show scheduled to start in Las Vegas, Nevada, on January 9th. In the meantime, the firm is still selling both the Wink Hub and Wink Hub 2.

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