SkyGuru Finally Brings In-Flight Peace Of Mind To Android

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SkyGuru, an application which originally released for iOS and is billed as a peace of mind application for flights, has finally made its way to Android. The app was developed by Taktik Labs and FAA- and EASA-certified pilot Alex Gervash. It’s also free to install, though in-app purchases must be made in order to take full advantage of its features. The core functionality of the application, meanwhile, is simply to provide detailed information about what exactly is going on with a flight before, after, and during the transit. For those who are already comfortable with flying, that information is likely to be interesting, at the very most. However, for those who are uncomfortable with air travel, it can make a world of difference and SkyGuru goes above and beyond simple flight-tracking applications. In fact, for one survivor of an air accident – flight 751, in 1991 – named Ingrid Lei-Schultz, the app allegedly played a major role in allowing her to return to air travel. That’s thanks primarily to the real-time information the application provided about ongoing air turbulence during her first flight in five years.

As to the application itself, it has a ton of features aimed at easing passenger’s minds.First, it provides forecasts and warnings for known turbulence along flight routes, as well as giving estimates for how long each will last and when a given plane will hit them. Beyond that, it provides estimates for weather during take-off and landing and descriptions of how that may affect the sensations felt by passengers throughout. Further still, SkyGuru will provide in-depth information about the turbulence, including G-forces created by turbulence, indications about the probability that a flight will be rerouted or affected by weather. However, it goes far beyond explanations of weather and also includes explanations of delays, sounds heard by passengers while they are taking off, in flight, and landing, as well as an explanation of several other sensations, as reportedly felt by passengers. SkyGuru also explains cabin procedures, blinking lights, and other physical aspects that may be noticed by some passengers, causing a percentage of them to worry. Finally, the application calculates flight time based on current winds, helps users plan and find their seat, and tips on how to overcome the fear of flying – including providing interesting facts about airplane safety and in-depth educational aviation information. Meanwhile, all of that is augmented by visual representations of what an airplane is doing. That includes nose position and bank angles, represented graphically when the plane is turning or either raising or lowering in altitude, as well as representations and explanations of turbulence to show that the physical sensations are perfectly normal. Better still, all of that information is provided regardless of whether a user’s device has a data connection.

As mentioned above, not all of that is provided for free. Free information includes Aviation weather forecasts and explanations for departure and arrival, as well as turbulence forecasts for the shortest routes between two airports. For the full suite of functions, users will need topay for a subscription package that starts at $4.99 for a single flight and ranges up to 10 flights for $21.99, according to the app’s menu. However, the app currently boasts more than 90,000 users across both platforms for which it is available, as well as over 20,000 flights in 100 countries. The app was also designed using more than 700 test flights and more than 1,500 versions before being ready for market, in addition to having 4 language options – which include English, French, Hebrew, and Russian. So it may be worth a look, regardless of that subscription cost.

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