FamiSafe: The world’s 1st parental control app that supports TikTok monitoring

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If your kids are bored and playing with friends isn’t an option, letting them use the internet is one of the best ways to get them engaged with creative, entertaining and educational content. There are tons of engaging videos, insightful articles and resource pages, and funny clips on platforms such as TikTok that are available. However, there are also forms of inappropriate content online as well, such as pornography and websites designed to scam people. There are also cyber predators and other types of bad faith actors, too. Therefore, as a parent (or a school principal), it’s important to set boundaries for your kids and keep an eye on their online activity to make sure that they’re surfing the web safely and responsibly.

This can be difficult without the help of a dedicated tool, but thankfully, Wondershare FamiSafe is available. Here’s a full overview of everything you need to know about FamiSafe, including an explanation about what it is, what its functions are, and more.

What is Wondershare FamiSafe?

In simple terms, Wondershare FamiSafe is a parental control app that parents can use to track their kids’ browsing history and app usage (both by site/app category as well as specific sites and apps) while also setting restrictions on when and how much screen time they can have each day. This allows parents to not only keep tabs on what their children are doing online, but also make sure that they don’t spend too much time online when they should be doing other things instead, such as homework, chores, or outdoor activities with their siblings and friends. It’s also possible to allow certain sites and apps to unlock at certain times of the day so that you can allow your kids to use the internet for fun when their schoolwork or chores are finished.

Block malicious websites and apps

FamiSafe also allows you to block specific types of websites and applications, which is very useful since there are many malicious and/or inappropriate websites and pieces of software on the internet. Preventing children from visiting or downloading these sites and apps eliminates the risk that they’ll accidentally come across inappropriate content, come into contact with scammers or cyberstalkers, or download dangerous computer viruses masquerading as innocent pieces of software. There’s also an Explicit Content Detection feature that allows parents to build customized keyword lists that include inappropriate words, such as slang terms. These terms can then be detected on over seven social media apps, including the most popular ones like Facebook and Twitter.

Keep an eye on suspicious text messages

Additionally, FamiSafe features a warning system that alerts you whenever your children receive a suspicious text message from someone who could be a scammer or a dangerous cyberstalker. With this system in place, you’ll always be able to halt dangerous communications between your children and bad faith actors before they occur.

See where your kids are at all times

There’s also a real-time location tracking feature that allows you to always keep track of where your kids are physically, which is a great resource to have if your kids often like to ride their bikes around town or go visit their friends in the neighborhood. The feature even comes with geofencing, so you can see exactly which property your kids are on. If something goes wrong and they end up being located somewhere you weren’t expecting them to be, you’ll know right away. You can also track your kids’ location history to see where they’ve been in the past, too, which is helpful if you’re not always able to keep an eye on their location in real-time.

Encourage responsible TikTok usage

FamiSafe’s latest feature, TikTok History, is an Android-exclusive tool that gives you the ability to view your children’s TikTok viewing history to make sure that they’re not watching content that’s inappropriate. There are tons of awesome videos on TikTok, but since there’s also a lot of adult content on the platform, many people often ask “is TikTok safe?” By using FamiSafe, you can ensure that TikTok will and always will be a safe app for your kids to use.

What about schools?

On top of being a superb parental control tool for parents, FamiSafe is also an excellent piece of software for schools to use as well. The internet can often keep students distracted during the school day, so to solve this problem, Wondershare has created a specialized version of FamiSafe that focuses on controlling multiple different devices on a network. With FamiSafe for School, staff can block websites and apps on student devices and keep track of how often students are using their devices during the school day, too.

By ensuring that students spend less time on their devices and more time engaging with their teachers and fellow classmates, staff can encourage a healthy and effective learning environment where students have a much better chance to succeed.

What devices does FamiSafe work with?

It’s important for parental control programs to be compatible with a wide variety of devices, and thankfully, FamiSafe doesn’t disappoint. FamiSafe allows monitoring of iOS and Android phones and tablets as well as Windows and Mac computers, and also features an online dashboard that parents can use on their own devices as well.

Notably, FamiSafe also allows you to protect and monitor 5 or 10 devices depending on which plan you choose. This makes keeping an eye on your kids’ online activities incredibly easy, no matter how many different devices they use in their day-to-day life.

Keep your kids safe online with FamiSafe

Whether you’re looking to monitor your kids’ online activity, block inappropriate apps and websites, limit screentime, or do a combination of everything, FamiSafe will be perfect for you - especially since it’s incredibly affordable, with prices starting at just $9.99/month. With FamiSafe, you can ensure that your kids enjoy the wonders of the internet safely and responsibly.

Wondershare FamiSafe

Wondershare FamiSafe is the ultimate parental control app that allows you to block malicious websites and apps, monitor suspicious texts, keep an eye on your children's physical location, and more.View Deal

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