T-Mobile Officially Launches New SCORE! Program For Non EIP Customers

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A couple days ago we learned of a possible new program that T-Mobile would be getting ready to launch called SCORE!, which was essentially a way for people that weren’t on the JUMP! program with EIP to get some discounts on new phones similar to the way JUMP! customers were able to upgrade every 6 months to a new device. The program would basically allow customers who weren’t on JUMP! with EIP to either upgrade after a 6 month or 12 month period to get free entry level handsets or discounts on higher-end devices after those two periods of time.

Today T-Mobile has officially launched the SCORE! program, and it basically holds everything we talked about the other day. Customers who aren’t on the JUMP! program(so pretty much everyone else, including prepaid customers)will be able to sign up for SCORE! for $5 a month, and if a customer wants to upgrade after 6 months they’ll be able to pick up the Alcatel oneTouch Evolve 2 for either regular plans or prepaid at no cost. Unfortunately that is the only handset available for the 6 month mark for now.

If a customer is willing to wait 12 months however before they try to upgrade to a new handset, they’ll have a vastly larger selection of devices to choose from including high-end devices like the Nexus 6. Although the high end devices won’t be free after 12 months, instead they’ll be available at a discounted cost. For example, a person waiting 12 months to upgrade on the SCORE! program will be able to get the Nexus 6 for $499 instead of $649. Another available option will be the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for $599 instead of $749 which is full retail. There will also be other free entry level devices like the LG Optimus L90, and the T-Mobile Concord II.(prepaid only)It should go without saying, but once you use up your SCORE! discount, your time resets all the way back to zero months. So, it would be smart to make the most of the 12 months for instance and grab a high end phone at discount instead of wasting it on an entry level device for free. That of course is just my two cents. SCORE! is available as of now, so if you’re going to be in need of a new phone with 12 months, we’d suggest signing up for it immediately.

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