Misfit Partners With Nest, IFTTT, And Others To Bring New Functions To Their Flash And Shine Tracker

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Misfit offers up a couple of activity trackers called the Flash and the Shine, and today Misfit has announced that they’ll be bringing new integrations to those two bands in the near future. The Flash and Shine fitness and sleep monitors will gain the ability to control your Nest learning thermostat among other things with Misfits new wearable controls functionality, all made possible thanks to Misfits new partnerships. Misfit states that starting in March wearers of the Flash and Shine bands will be interact with both their favorite apps, as well as connected hardware around the home just by simply tapping the button on their Flash or Shine.

once these new controls go live, it will never have been easier to send a quick message to your friends or family using the Yo app and a quick double tap on the Misfit band. More practical uses however, include the combination of the Misfit Flash and the recently launched Misfit Bolt smart light bulb that will allow you to control the lighting in your home. You’ll also be able to control Spotify playlists, and use IFTTT with a number of new IFTTT triggers including the double tap to control a number of different connected products too.

Misfit is also partnering with Logitech to support their new Harmony APIs so you can complete various actions like watching movies, playing games, and listening to music with one simple touch. If that wasn’t enough, they’re making it easy for users to get in and out of their home by partnering with the August Smart Lock to lock and unlock their doors without having to pull their smartphones out of their pockets. One of the more intriguing integrations though comes from the partnership between Misfit and a startup called Latch which states it “opens doors for the right people.” It isn’t immediately clear exactly what Latch will do, but we’re guessing it’s a new kind of smart lock given the name of the company and the focus on home security according to Misfit. If you’re already invested in Misfit’s wearable ecosystem, things just got a whole lot more convenient for you.

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