Paranoid Android 4.4 RC2 Launches; Fixes Bugs and Tightens Code

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For those of you that like to spend time with custom ROMs and generally just play around with different Kernels and the like, there’s a good chance that you’ve already heard of Paranoid Android. Who am I kidding? Of course you have. In fact, some of you might even be reading this with Paranoid Android running on your smartphone. Well, for you Paranoid bunch out there, there’s some good news as the latest Release Candidate is here. RC2 fixes a number of bugs that were unfortunately introduced with the first Release Candidate that was released not too long ago.

That nasty Chrome bug that many of you were experiencing has been fixed and there’s some more good news for those that like to theme Android as the team have expanded their theme engine to more AOSP apps as well as fixing some system elements that didn’t get themed. The PA Google+ page linked at the source below has some pretty themes for you guys to try out as well. Nexus 5 users will see their lens blur feature restored in RC2 and Pie has seen some bug fixes as well. All-in-all, this is a nice tightening up of code and it’s nice to see the team moving forward with what can often be a thankless job.

If you’re Paranoid already, then you’ll know where to head to get your hands on the latest build of PA, but for those looking to try something new, you can head over to Paranoid Android’s downloads page to download RC2. Have a device that uses a ported build of PA? You might be waiting for a little longer, but we’re sure that this latest stable build won’t take too long in getting to your device. Let us know down in the comments how you’re liking RC2 and don’t forget to give the team a pat on the back for their hard work.

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