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Why Does Asthma Get Worse at Night?

    In 1698, British doctor John Floyer wrote a treatise on asthma, the first major work focused on the disease. Not all of it aged well. He war…

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Startups should look to state-of-the-art tec

    Shahar KeinanContributorShahar Keinan, co-founder and CEO of Polaris Quantum Biotech has over 20 years of extensive experience in computatio…

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The Poop About Your Gut Health and Personali

    alt hed: The Poop about Stool Sample Tests and Personalized Nutrition Changing your diet to improve your health is nothing new—people with …

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What if you could diagnose diseases with a t

    Photo of Ridhi TriyalChristie Hemm KlokOn an unremarkable side street in Oakland, California, a few blocks down from an animal dermatologist…

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Biotech startup Fauna Bio raises $4.1 millio

    Fauna Bio, a biotech startup leveraging the science of hibernation to improve healthcare for humans, has raised a total of $4.1 million in s…

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30 Most Gruesome Movie Diseases

    Stricklers Mimic (1997) The Disease:Spread by your common variety cockroach, Strickler’s Disease affects the children of Manhattan in Guill…

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DayZ: mo-capped dysentery and other horrible

    Speaking toPCGamesN, Bohemia Interactive's Matt Lightfoot teased the kinds of horrible life-threatening diseases we can expect to catch…

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Two Point Hospital catches alien diseases wi

    (Image credit: Sega)Aliens are invading Two Point Hospital in an upcoming expansion - and they need medical assistance. The medical manageme…

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