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Deal: Steamcrate: 12-Month Subscription for

    If youre a gamer, then theres no doubt that you know exactly what Steamcrate is. For those that might not be, or just never heard of Steamcr…

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Deal: Price Drops on Getflix, PureVPN, Steam

    The Android Headlines Store is offering discounts on many products today for Black Friday, but there are some that are better than others, l…

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Yamaha MCR-555 review

    In March this year Yamaha launched the MCR-550, a system specifically designed to beat the Denon D-M38DAB. It didn’t quite manage it, but r…

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5 of the best Wi-Fi cameras you can buy righ

    The demand for security camera systems has vastly increased in recent times. This can be attributed to a rise in crime and the invent of sma…

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How to non-interactively supply a passphrase

    I'm writing a script which automatically sets up testing environment virtual machines. This script should automatically format a dmcryp…

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PHP and MySQL on IIS7: can't find php_mc

    I have installed PHP with Microsoft Web PI. Then I installed mysql.According to…

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How to install mcrypt for PHP 5.3.3 on CentO

    I installed php 5.3 and some modules using yum install php53-{module-name}But mcrypt did not work.I searched like this:yum list php* | grep …

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Colin McRae Dirt review

    Simply put, Dirt is visually luxurious. This debut for Codemasters’ in-house Neon Engine (also being used for next year’s Race Driver One)…

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1998 vs 2008: How has gaming changed in 10 y

    Seeing as it took almost 40 years for movies to learn how to talk, gaming hasn’t exactly shuffled its feet. It hasn’t even been 40 years s…

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Colin McRae DiRT 2: Super Review

    How Colin McRae andRace Driver became DiRT 2What you've got here is essentially Race Driver GRID torn from the tarmac and thrust into a…

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